Welcome to Ourgreatideas. My name is Micah J. Kimbrough and this is my personal web page where I express my ideas and opinions. Right now I have ten videos that teach you how to use Windows 7. Feel free to watch, download, and share any of the videos as long as you do not claim that you made them yourself. I have put them on YouTube under Micah Kimbrough using the Playlist "Using Windows 7" if your having problems watching the videos. The files with the extension .swf is a Adobe Flash file. The video works without any pauses on my computer from the server but the visual quality is a little poor.

May I suggest the VLC media player from Sourceforge if your having trouble playing video in a web page. That is what I use in Mozilla Firefox web browser to play video. It adds a VLC Web plug-in your tools/add-ons. You should check to see if you have Shockwave Flash as well as OpenH264 Video Codex provided by Cisco as a plug-in in your tools/add-ons as well. I will be testing the videos with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. I am designing the web pages in Microsoft Expression Web 4 which is the free version.

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I am not a professional at making and editing videos even though we did it in classes on teaching and one year in high school I worked in the Audio/Visual Department in the Library. I have a degree in math from the College of the Mainland with other classes from across Texas on math. I also have a degree in medical technology from The University of Texas Medical Branch. I do have some classes from the Texas State Technical College on computers and programming but I have been mostly self taught due to my interest in math on the computer. I have taught basic math to calculus at the College of the Mainland and have also taught other medical technologist throughout my career. On occation I have showed a few people on how to do things on the computer like set up home networks. I have built most of my computers even when you had to set the irqs with jumpers. I have also developed web pages and played with LaTeX, MathML, and VRML. The first computer language I learned at college was in an engineering class and was FORTRAN IV. The first language I taught myself was BASICA on a 8088 using IBM DOS. I needed BASICA to calculate statistics for my research project on the blood testing for allergies as compared to the standard skin testing in medical technology school. When I worked in Special Chemisty at The University of Texas Medical Branch I wrote a few programs in QuickBASIC 4.5. I have used other operating systems including Slackware Linux when the kernel was in its infancy (ver. less than one). Now I use Fedora Linux. The current language that I use the most is Python. I even found some bugs in some programs on Sourceforge and fixed them. I have done other things like worked on a Research Vessel, Security Guard, Janitor, Research Assistant, Assistant Boy Scout Leader and Boy Scout, etc. but that gives me life experience and not necessarily qualifies me for making computer videos.

I hope you learn a lot and enjoy the videos.

Video on doing maintenace on your Microsoft Windows 7 computer.
maintenance.mp4, maintenance.webm, maintenance.ogg, maintenance.swf, Maintenance Youtube

Video on using the email client Thunderbird on Microsoft Windows 7.
email.mp4, email.webm, email.ogg, email.swf, Email Youtube

Video on downloading files from the interent.
downloading.mp4, downloading.webm, downloading.ogg, downloading.swf, Downloading Youtube

Video on the cloud and transferring files between your different devices.
cloud.mp4, cloud.webm, cloud.ogg, cloud.swf, Cloud Youtube

Video on disk management. Managing hard drives, thumb drives, SSD drives, and external drives.
diskmanage.mp4, diskmanage.webm, diskmanage.ogg, diskmanage.swf, Diskmanage Youtube

Video on how to change what starts when Windows 7 boots.
msconfig.mp4, msconfig.webm, msconfig.ogg, msconfig.swf, Msconfig Youtube

This video discusses how to install programs.
install.mp4, install.webm, install.ogg, install.swf, Install Youtube

This video discusses how to un-install programs.
uninstalling.mp4, uninstalling.webm, uninstalling.ogg, uninstalling.swf, Uninstalling Youtube

This video discusses libraries.
libraries.mp4, libraries.webm, libraries.ogg, libraries.swf, Libraries Youtube

This video discusses how to backup/clone a hard drive and how you can repair a Windows hard drive.
backup.mp4, backup.webm, backup.ogg, backup.swf, Backup Youtube

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