World War III

I have created a Libre Impress Presentation or you can use Microsoft Powerpoint on "The Horrors of a Nuclear War and How to Survive It" in which you can download here. I have exported the file into a Adobe Acrobat PDF file and you can download it here. The files are free to use but you can not sell them. If you have any contructive critisim or comments please feel free to email me. The presentation is not necessarily meant as self study but to be used as an aide in a class setting. This allows the teacher to add and clearify any information that is unclear. Some of the information I use is from two books that you can download. You can download "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson H. Kearny here or "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" by Samuel Glasstone and Philip J. Dolan here. I purchased a printed copy of each of the books.

I have read a number of books on the subject of what to do during a nuclear attack and on radiation. I also have watched a number of old American Civil Defense videos and BBC civil defense videos on Youtube. My main interest has been on the physics of radiation and health physics. I do have a couple of certificates that does let you know that I have a basic knowledge of the effects of radiation on the body and protection. Here is my certificate that I got on radiation safety from the University of Texas Medical Branch. I have also received a degree from UTMB and worked in the Special Chemistry Section of the UTMB Hospital Laboratory in which we worked with I-125 and Co-60.

UTMB Radiation Safety Certificate

I have finished a self-paced class on "IS-3 Radiological Emergency Management" given by the FEMA Emergency Management Institute. I used information out of this class on the presentation.
Radiological Emergency Management

I have also finished an EdX class on the "Effects of Radiation: An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity".
Effects of Radiation: An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity

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